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  Samita Loomba
Certified Professional Coach
Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership Index

Samita, Leadership Coach and a Co-author of The Coach's Journey, brings to you a defined coaching process along with years of experience in client interface, analysis, management and success. A very goal-, action-, and results-oriented individual used her own life as an example to master the skills of leadership by applying it to every aspect of her life, situation or idea and created a very happy, healthy, fulfilled, balanced and productive life.

Samita strongly believes that everyone has the potential to 'awaken' the leader within for a fulfilling life. She is passionate about helping others recognize their strengths, build upon them to create new opportunities and overcome any unique challenges. She actively works with the clients to dissect, "What is right" and " What is working", even within a challenging situation, while accounting for the required fix's.

As the Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index she helps you to baseline your energy and leadership abilities, your level of engagement in life and your awareness of who you truly are, versus who you think and act like you are. With this baseline she gives you an opportunity to decide, “What type of leader you want to be” and then diligently works with you to help you achieve that "Ideal Leader".

She has consulted for years with executives and business clients, and understands their needs, values and belief systems, and the stress that they walk with. She is well versed in helping clients think through their needs, discern between their wants and reality and create a plan that is achievable and measurable.

Samita has B.S in Education, M.S in Home Science and M.S in Management Information Systems. She speaks English, Hindi and Punjabi. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the New Jersey Coaches Association.

She is your catalyst to self-discovery, action and success.

Anthony Fasano
Certified Professional Coach
Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership Index


Anthony provides individual and team coaching as well as business consulting services in the areas of career and business growth and development, strategic planning, leadership and staff utilization.

Anthony is a successful civil engineer who quickly climbed the corporate ladder. His passion and desire to succeed energized him on a daily basis to be the best he could be in his field. Anthony achieved his professional engineering license at the young age of 24 and then went on to become the youngest Associate in a top-rated engineering design firm.

While at an accomplished engineering firm, Anthony was one of a few chosen to open a new office location and succeeded in expanding that office to a sustainable size. Anthony prepared and presented career development seminars within his company to inspire his fellow engineers to move forward in their careers as Anthony has done with his own.

Anthony’s leadership abilities propelled him to help cultivate not only his fellow employees, but several local groups and societies. He co-founded the ASCE Lower Hudson Valley younger member group. He is currently President of the National Society of Professional Engineers, Rockland Chapter, where he was previously awarded the Younger Engineer of the Year award. He also sits on the both the Rockland County Business Association Green Building Council and the Rockland Community College CAD Advisory Committee.

Anthony received a B.S. and a M.S. in civil engineering from Lafayette College and Columbia University, respectively. Anthony received his certification as a Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).
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