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              elcome to IngeniousYou
At IngeniousYou we use the coaching process to help our clients realize the leader within to its maximum potential. We provide secure environment for every individual to develop or enhance personally. We help you to create an effective and successful personal system for better thinking, smarter decisions and more mature relationships. We do this by collaborating with our clients to help them self-discover, set goals, take actions and achieve success.

Are you an Executive or a Leader?

If you are thinking, "oh, this is not for me, because I am not an executive or a leader” then we challenge you to ask yourself this question; "Who is leading my life?"

You are the leader of your own life. You are the CEO, CIO, CTO, Marketing Director, Finance Director, Entertainment Director and General Staff of your life. You go through all these roles every day of your life. Now is the time to think from new perspective.

Leadership Empowerment Program

Our Leadership Empowerment Program was designed specifically to help people develop and expand in their leadership abilities. The program helps you to focus on four major pillars of leadership. You learn and practice to be a leader who can not only create a trusted following but also sustain it. Learn More ›››



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